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You’re always welcome”

At Johnny’s we offer an array of relaxed dining with burgers, steak and tapas style plates for sharing. Come and enjoy our beautiful surroundings, sample our craft beer and exciting wines. It’s a great place to meet with the work crew, friends or family. Janis, John and the team will always greet you with a smile because; you’re always welcome at Johnny’s.

small plates to share

Baked Potatoes

with Pesto and Sour Cream (GF/V) $9.50

Stuffed Mushrooms

with Feta and Sundried Tomato $12.50

Smoked Chicken and Sundried Tomato Croquettes

Lightly fried tasty smoked chicken & sundried tomatoes served with aioli sauce $15.50

Crispy Calamari

Flash fried with Johnny’s secret crispy coating and served with chorizo and fresh orange (GF) $17.50

Lamb Kebabs

Marinated lamb served with a pot of tzatziki sauce (GF) $15.50

Tiger Prawns

South Pacific inspired whole prawns cooked in coconut and lime (GF) $17.50

Karaage Chicken

Crunchy, deep fried pieces of marinated chicken served with a pot of wasabi spiked Japanese mayonnaise (GF) $15.50

Thai Fish Cakes

With a kick of chilli and lemongrass served with nam jin dressing (GF) $13.50

Italian Meat Balls

Juicy lightly spiced meatballs with a thick and spicy tomato sauce $14.50

Pot of Mussels

Steamed in ale with chorizo and cherry tomato to make a tasty broth served with toasted bread $23.50

Baked Camembert

Whole baked camembert served with cranberry sauce and lightly toast bread (V) $15.50

Gluten Free Pesto or Garlic Cheesy Ciabatta Bread


Garden Salad

(GF) (V) $6.00

Pesto Cheesy Ciabatta Bread

Small $6.00 Large $10.00

Garlic Cheesy Ciabatta Bread

Small $6.00 Large $10.00


Small $6.00 Large $10.00


Small $7.50 Large $15.00

Chilli, Bacon & Cheese Wedges

Small $12.50 Large $19.50


Baked Fish and Lemon Sauce (GF)

Baked Rig and lemon sauce served with baked potatoes and seasonal vegetables

Battered Fish with Tartare Sauce

Lightly battered Rig served salad and fries

Chicken Parmigiana (GF)

Baked Chicken thighs, topped with bacon, spicy tomato sauce, mozzarella and parmesan cheeses served salad and fries

Chick Pea Curry (GF, Vegan)

Chick pea and tomato curry with garlic bread

Rib Eye Steak

with Mushroom Sauce, Salad and Fries

Steak, Eggs and Fries


Onions $3.00, Bacon $4.00, Mushroom Sauce $4.00, Garlic Butter $3.00, Eggs $4.00


Karaage Chicken

Crunchy, deep fried pieces of marinated chicken in toasted ciabatta bread with tomato, lettuce and wasabi spiked Japanese mayonnaise served with fries

Spiced Beef Meatballs

Juicy lightly spiced meatballs in toasted ciabatta bread with tomato, lettuce and a thick & spicy tomato sauce served with fries

Tzatziki Lamb

New Zealand Lamb patty in toasted ciabatta bread with tzatziki sauce, tomato and lettuce served with fries

Johnny’s Classic Kiwi Burger

Johnny’s meat patty, bacon, egg, cheese, onions, beetroot, tomato & lettuce in toasted cheesy garlic ciabatta bread served with fries


Made on site, wait staff will tell you about the days treats.


Chicken Kebabs and Chips $9.50
Battered Fish and Chips $9.50
Cheese Burger & Chips $12.50


View our selection of beverages. Craft Beer and Wines, Cocktails and more.

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Popped in for dessert and drinks with some friends. Great service, smashing food, nice selection of drinks. Definitely recommended.

Alastair Stephen

Delicious food, friendly team, great service! Loved the dining experience! Highly recommend

Laura Griffin

Thanks for an awesome night of great hospitality, food to die for and a beautiful environment to relax in. Would highly recommend you guys and we will be back for sure

Leanne Cumming

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you can find us

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